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What is IELTS?

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a globally trusted English language proficiency test which can be used for both educational and immigration purposes. The test is jointly held by IDP: IELTS Australia, British Council and Cambridge Assessment English. The participants are faced with four tasks in both General and Academics IELTS tests: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The first two tasks are the same in both versions but they differ in complexity in Reading and Writing parts, meaning the questions are more complex in the Academic version.


Choosing either the Academic version or the General version completely depends on the applicant’s need.

Taking the General test is mostly required for immigration purposes by English-speaking countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA and also for those who wish to study or be trained at institutions below degree level.

The Academic version is intended for educational purposes. If you are planning to attend study programs that are taught in English in undergraduate or postgraduate levels, then the IELTS Academic test is the legitimate proof of your language proficiency.

For those who want to apply for a UK visa and Immigration, IELTS Life Skills test is the right choice.


The OSK not only prepares students for Studienkolleg online, but also offers preparation courses for IELTS test.  The intensive Academic and General Training course offered by the OSK not only focuses on

Reading Comprehension

Written Expressions

Speaking Expression

Listening Comprehension

but also help the students with time management, give tips on how to ace the speaking task and practice many mock exams during the course period.

A free placement test is taken from those who wish to participate in the course in order for the teachers to analyze the student’s language proficiency in order to focus specifically on their strengths and weaknesses so they can get the best possible result out of the test.

Course Duration: 5-week period, 2 days a week, In total 30 hours of teaching lessons á 45 Minutes

The class schedules are planned in favor of the real test dates in Berlin, Germany

Course fee:        290,00 EUR + Exam fees of 229,00 EUR + Book Costs (on request)

Participants:      4-8 participants

Test Dates:         11.05.; 18.05.; 23.05.; 01.06.; 13.06.; 22.06.; 29.06.; 06.07.; 18.07.; 20.07.; 27.07.

Literature: Complete IELTS (Guy Brook-Hart, Vanessa Jakeman); Cambridge Grammar for IELTS (Diana Hopkins, Pauline Cullen); Focus on Vocabulary Level 2 (Diane Schmitt, Norbert Schmitt)