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For the best free education in Germany, it is necessary to have a good command of the German Language. The undergraduate programs are mostly offered at the best universities in Germany only in German such as Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Psychology, Medicine (MBBS), Law, Economics, Arts, Design, etc. Moreover, the German language is really necessary for almost job positions in the working environment of Germany. With the importance of the German language to study and work in Germany, this Pathway Course is the perfect one for you!

By attending the pathway course in OSK, you will be facilitated with the best condition to learn German in Germany from the basic German level to the C1 German level within only 7 months. This foundation course will prepare you a great German language ability to confident applying in any Studienkolleg in Germany in every field (T Course, G Course, M Course, and W Course). These sectors are required in order to apply for German undergraduate programs. In addition, with the option of “University Preparation”, our professional and experienced team will accompany you one month extra in preparation for the entrance examination (Aufnahmetest Studienkolleg/ Aufnahmeprüfung studienkolleg) to get in the best Studienkolleg in Germany. After 8 months in total learning from scratch, you will gain sufficient German language competence and have adequate knowledge preparation to study in the best Studienkolleg in Germany.

On the other hand, this foundation course prepares you the capability for not only the education of Bachelor in Germany but also higher academic education as well. After completing this course, the students will have sufficient German language capability to pursue the Master or PhD in Germany.  Besides the purpose of pursuing academic education, you can totally have a great command of German in order to work in Germany.

With its convenient location in the capital city of Germany, the SID Institut is also one of the best Studienkolleg in Berlin, which provides foundation courses in the Arts and Humanities. Attend to OSK, you will be received the most quality education in Germany with the most reasonable course fee.