In addition to IETLS and TOEFL tests there is another type of testing system called PTE or Pearson Test of English which is an unbiased test meaning it is a 100% computer-based and not even the test results are graded by humans. PTE or Pearson Test of English is accepted internationally by many organizations and academic programs and it also is approved by New Zealand and Australian government for all migration and student visa application. Another advantage of this testing system is that you will get the results back in approximately 5 business days and the PTE Academic allows you to send your results to as many institutions or organization as you want without charging you an additional fee.

The OSK not only prepares students for Studienkolleg (Foundation Program) Online, but also offers preparation courses for PTE or Pearson Test of English. The course offered by OSK depending on the students’ abilities can have a duration of 4 weeks to 8 weeks. All four tasks including Speaking/Writing, Reading and Listening are covered throughout the course.

A free placement test is taken from those who wish to participate in the course in order for the teachers to analyze the student’s language proficiency in order to focus specifically on their strengths and weaknesses so they can get the best possible result out of the test.

Course Duration: 5-week period, 2 days a week, In total 30 hours of teaching lessons á 45 Minutes

The class schedules are planned in favor of the real test dates in Berlin, Germany

Course fee:        290,00 EUR + Exam fees of (Standard) ca. 209,00 EUR + Book Costs (on request)

Participants:      4-8 participants

Test Dates:         to be announced (on request)